Forum Rules

  1. Do not post any explicit, gore or pornographic content.
  2. Harassing other users on the forum, in public or in private messages, is unacceptable. Be respectful of other users and promote a friendly discussion environment.
  3. Do not spam.
  4. Do not encourage copyright infringement or illegal activities. If you are unable to find a place to purchase a copy of Neverwinter Nights 2, or your CD-key does not work, please contact staff for assistance.

Server Rules

  1. This is an adult (18+) server. By registering to play here you understand that you may encounter mature themes, explicit language and violent roleplay. ERP and other sexual roleplay is allowed, but should be kept private and requires OOC consent of players involved.
  2. Tyrants of the Moonsea is a roleplaying server. You must remain IC (in character) at all times upon exiting the OOC (Out of character) spawn room and entering the game world. When OOC comments are necessary, use some identifier. Conventionally used ones are (( and //. ((example, //example
  3. Do not metagame or godmod (powergame). Metagaming is using OOCly obtained information ICly, such as calling someone by name because you can read their tag, though their character has not told you their name yet ICly. Godmodding is forcing your actions on another player unfairly or without consent. You cannot, for example, emote that your character knocks another character unconscious. You have to do this mechanically, with consent, or agree to some situational dice roll with the other player.
  4. PvP is freely allowed any where on the server, but you must set a target to "Hostile" before engaging. The consequences of losing in PvP are dictated by the victorious party or player, such that they may decide whether your character suffers temporary memory loss of the situation for example, or decide that your character is simply incapacitated. They cannot permakill your character without staff consent.
  5. Permadeath is a tool used by staff to impose risk and consequence on the server. DMs may hold events or plot lines that put players at risk, but will give players a warning, implied ICly and stated OOCly, that this course of events may be life threatening. Certain characters, after thorough staff discussion, may have an assassination request approved on their characters. Both players, the assassin and the target, are at permadeath risk in this case. In rare cases, particularly notorious characters may be placed on permadeath notice by staff as a result of their deeds.
  6. Please report all bugs where possible. Players who retain and abuse knowledge of bugs or exploits for their own benefit may be severely reprimanded.
  7. Tyrants of the Moonsea is set in the Forgotten Realms (3.5e), and the server strives for lore accuracy where possible. We believe players are most engaged when immersed in the setting they know and love, and so we ask the same of our players and their characters. If you are unsure about a certain character concept, be sure to ask our helpful community on the forums, or feel free to contact the staff if you feel more comfortable keeping it private.
  8. Harassing players OOCly in game or on the forums is unacceptable. If you feel you're the victim of this, take screenshots and do not hesitate to report this to the staff.
  9. If you are a multi-classing Cleric, you must have 5 caster levels by level 20.
  10. Certain classes that were restricted in past servers are not restricted here (Red Wizard, Warlock, Heartwarder...). You are free to create characters with these classes, but you are still expected to roleplay them appropriately. You are also heavily encouraged to create a biography for such characters, especially Warlock. Having a biography will help DMs cater to your character's unique circumstances (such as roleplaying your Warlock pact).