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  1. Occupant
  2. Grimdark Hitman
    Grimdark Hitman
  3. Grimdark Hitman
    Grimdark Hitman
    Is it that much to ask for a Lex Luthor that isn't utter shit?
  4. Mips
  5. Mips
    WTB Malarite hunt event for this weekend if any DM is interestid pm me plz.
  6. Grimdark Hitman
    Grimdark Hitman
    I really hope we catch those scumbag transition users.
  7. Kalzone
    Picked a bad place to have a party and pass out, Istanera. Waking up in a drow's bed is when you know you drank too much.
  8. admin
    Server is now up and running!
  9. admin
  10. Occupant
    Server will be shut down tomorrow morning. gmt 0 time zone. Relocation back to home.
  11. Grimdark Hitman
    Grimdark Hitman
    Welcome to TotM:The quintessential future of NWN2 roleplaying.
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  12. Occupant
  13. Senor Pepe
    Senor Pepe
    Hello from Greece! Four days into vacation and I'm red like a bloody shrimp. Nwn2 does little for one's tanning abilities
  14. Occupant
    So it is Saturday 16:43. Only two more days until the server is moved back to it's standard home with decent connection.
  15. Occupant
    Congrats to Necrobro, our new DM.
  16. Grimdark Hitman
    Grimdark Hitman
    Gandalf being all tax-happy on the hobbits for his lackluster fireworks, erstwhile cozying up to Bilbo to get more advertisement companies..
  17. SteelStallion
    Congratulations to Drakeson on becoming the Brotherhoof of the Cloaks PC leader.
  18. Occupant
    Okay, DonTimes. Enjoy.
  19. DonTimes
    Away until September 6th
  20. Grimdark Hitman
    Grimdark Hitman
    I was feeling really sorry for Sauron the other day...